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This Podcast is Self Care

Mar 21, 2020

The entire tournament will be on, we are not charging in March and April, so sign up cuz it's free!

Drew and guest host Molly Lambert are doing a 64 seed tournament to determine what artifact from 90s Cafe Coffee Culture reigns supreme. Today we cover the TV/Film bracket. Who reigns...

Mar 20, 2020

We are posting classic patreon episodes to the main feed! Also the patreon is free for the time being, so get your grubby paws all over our paywall while the getting is good!


Cait and Drew kick off Podfriends Friendsgiving by talking to friends of the North Stefan Heck and John...

Mar 18, 2020

Drew and Cait are back and ready to navigate our world as it is today. They tell you where they've been and talk through their anxieties and share their self care tips while under quarantine as well as their impulse panic buys. We're in this together, help folks when you can.

We are adding past Patreon episodes to the...

Mar 1, 2020

So Drew had to cancel on this record and our scheduled guest had to cancel on this record, but that's ok because cancelling on podcast records is self care, especially when you have the wonderful Joan Ford to guest host! Joan and Cait talk all things Artist Way, what to hang in your locker and so much more! We love...

Mar 1, 2020

Cait and Drew enter the mind of the wonderful Will Hines, who explains his self care regiment of self soothing mind visualizations and conversations. They also get in the weeds on mind palaces, schedules and what Cait wrote in their diary the day Steve Jobs died!

For more episodes and our brand new RECIPE FOR BOREDOM...