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This Podcast is Self Care

Dec 20, 2019

Break out the emory boards, Cait and Drew are talking Mani Pedis with none other than Nick Wiger! What kind of mani pedis do they all like? Dude grooming salons! Wearing loose pants so you bust at a strip club! Plus a whole lot of yoga chat! That's it for new episodes in 2019, we'll bring you some best of Patreons...

Dec 10, 2019

Drew and Cait chat with star of Netflix's Insatiable and beam of light Kimmy Shields about moving out of her parents' place, handling anxiety, Real Housewives and practicing gratitude at Fashion Week!

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Dec 3, 2019

Cait and Drew go A-List with comedian, character actress extraordinaire and New York Times writer Alyssa Limperis to talk about the self care of moving to Los Angeles. We discuss the chaos of New York, the chill of LA, finding space to grieve and AirBnBs especially designed to break up in!

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