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This Podcast is Self Care

Sep 23, 2019

Drew and Cait sit down with comedian and Cait's fellow NYU alumni Teresa Lee to talk traveling alone. They get into the ins and outs of studying abroad, and whether you should adopt a cemetery cat while you are; whether you should hook up while traveling and more! Plus we talk VSCO and how Cait is and has always been...

Sep 12, 2019

Drew and Cait learn the self care of saying affirmations to yourself from Scam Goddess Laci Mosely. Laci tells us the greatest slash most psychotic instagram accounts to get affirmations from, her plan to get a boyfriend at upscale grocery stores, and we determine whether Bone Broth is a scam. (It is)

Sep 12, 2019

Drew and Cait unravel over Natalie Beach's The Cut piece on her friendship with Caroline Calloway. What starts as a fun stroll diverges into a frank discussion of lack of boundaries in your early twenties, friend breakups, and working for your bestie. It gets real.

Sep 4, 2019

Cait and Drew dive through a self care potpourri with writer musician and Tarot expert Ariana Lenarsky. Ariana has to explain the difference between astrology and tarot to one of us, then we talk some shit about the Co-Star astrology app, different hiking trails, and starting your day off by saying Thank You.